Westra Windmill
Windmills are the original source of power for pumping water.  Windmills can
be set up to pump water in remote areas where power is not available or just
to add an old time feel to your property.  We can get your windmill ordered
and we have all of the equipment to assemble and set them in place.
Hand Pumps
We have hand pumps available for remote areas where
water is needed but getting power is not feasible.  They
also work as a emergency back up if you ever loose power.
If you have a low yielding well or
need to store a large reserve of
water we can design and install a
cistern system to meet your specific
needs.  Our cisterns range in
capacity from 1000 gallons to 2500
Water Reels
Water-Reels are manufactured by
Kifco/Ag-Rain Incorporated, one of
the oldest traveling irrigation
manufacturers in the U.S.A. With
more than 15,000 machines in
operation and 40 years in business,
Kifco/Ag-Rain manufactures two lines
of irrigation systems.  Our Ag-Rain
Water-Reels® are the larger
Agriculture Irrigation Systems,
A-Series machines, used to irrigate
larger acreage areas.  Kifco
Water-Reels® are the smaller Turf
Irrigation Systems, B-Series
machines, used to irrigate sport
complexes, horse arenas and
residential sites. For your portable
irrigation system, choose the
economical, reliable, easy to operate
Hose reel
We Offer Many Other Services Also
At Van Dyken Drilling our services go beyond wells and pumps.  We can
help you with almost any water related need.  Whether it is stock founts,
windmills, cisterns, hand pumps, or irrigation reels, we do it all.  
Stock Founts
Ritchie manufactures a complete line of livestock
automatic waterers to the highest specifications
in the industry.  From a single horse Stall Fount to
fountains that accommodate 500 cattle, Ritchie
fountains are top quality. So when you buy a
Ritchie fountain, you know you’re getting the
most dependable product on the market… not to
mention the best value, service and warranty in
the business.
Cows drinking out of a Ritchie Stock Fount
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