Van Dyken Drilling has years of experience drilling
water wells in Southwest Montana.
Finding water can be a challenge in some
areas.  The
well depths in our area vary from 40 feet to 600+
feet, but using an experienced company like Van
Dyken Drilling can lead to finding a good source of
We use a bentonite grout around the steel well
casing to assure that surface water and other
contaminates cannot follow the well casing down and
contaminate your well water.
We also spend extra time developing our wells to
give you cleaner water.
We will help you determine a good spot to drill your
well.  Many of the newer subdivisions that allow wells
have a spot already picked on the plot map from the
health department. If there is not any predetermined
spot designating placement of the well, it must be 50
feet away from any septic tank and 100 feet away from
any drain field.  If you are interested in dousing we will
douse your well free of charge as long as you are going
to use us to drill. We do find that in areas that are
harder to find water dousing improves your odds of
finding water.  We do not guarantee water when we
douse, nor do we tell depths or gallons per minute.  We
simply call it a good spot to drill.
Randy Drilling
We have two rotary drilling rigs and one water truck. Most of the wells we drill are 6-inch wells,
but we can drill larger diameter holes as well.  Our driller has years of experience and does an
exceptional job at drilling.    
water truck and drilling rig
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